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North America Wildlife Holidays

This is the land of the bear were grizzlies roam Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta and much of the 48 states. Wolves are wild in Yellowstone and Hamster cottage travel offer organise excursions in conjunction with the wildlife Natural Habitat Adventures. A unique experience that will last a lifetime is a close up encounter with the polar bear and Natural Habitat Adventures give you an incredible trip that you will never forget. Whale watching is outstanding in Canada where you can get up close to these enormous creatures on both the east and West coast. Magnificent  Moose and elk can be spotted at Banff and Jasper National Parks. Kayak crystal clear waters and catch sight of playful otters and sea lions. The thrill of seeing these fantastic animals in their natural home surrounded by landscapes that are truly breathtaking will stay with you for a lifetime.



Knight Inlet

Located 80 kilometres, or 50 air miles, north of Campbell River, British Columbia, is wild and remote area of the Pacific Northwest known as Knight Inlet. Tucked into Glendale Cove 60 kilometres from the mouth of the inlet is Knight Inlet Lodge.

Glendale Cove in Knight Inlet is home to one of the largest concentrations of grizzly (brown) bears in British Columbia, Canada. It is not uncommon for up to 40 bears to be within a few miles of the lodge during the peak fall season when the salmon are running up the Glendale River.

And while the bears are abundant in the fall, it is not the only season that grizzlies frequent the area around the lodge. Starting in April, both black and grizzly bears begin emerging from hibernation and head to the cove and the estuary to feed on the succulent new spring growth.

Even in mid-summer, when many of the bears have moved into the surrounding timber clearings to feast on berries, we see several bears each day as they move in and around the estuary and along the logging roads.


Alaska's Wilderness Lodges

Imagine remote wilderness, clean fresh air and serene lakes fringe with dence forests. An Alaskan wilderness lodge can show you authentic Alaska , giving you the option of exploring  the heart of Alaska deep in its national parks. If you like to fish, Alaska fishing lodges provide a variety of all-inclusive to a la carte Alaska fishing packages for angelers of all experience levels. Alaska wilderness lodges range from the most genuinely simple to luxury wilderness lodges, making it easy to find an Alaska lodge that fits your ideal.

Far North & Arctic Adventures

The Arctic under the midnight sun is an inhospitable and fragile environment filled with natural treasures and rich in the history of ingenious people and European explorers. This land changes people. Season after season, visitors come back from their arctic trips changed.

Few of nature’s marvels match the Far North awakens with a burst of energy during these long days when the tundra turns green, animals come forth in great flocks and herds, and the sea welcomes thousands of be luga whales back for there summer feasting. 

In the same land that hosts the brief, brilliant summer of beluga whales and the polar bears of autumn, comes an amazing phenomenon that illumines the dark winter skies. The etheral Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis, meaning “north wind of the dawn,” brighten night in a mystical display of color.

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