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 Bird Watching Holidays in Texas

Texas boast more species of birds any than other states in the USA. The Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley drawn bird watchers in there droves in Spring and late Autumn. Whooping Cranes, Black chinned Hummingbirds, Piping Plovers and Painted Buntings are just a few of the hundreds of birds that can be seen along this 600-mile stretch of the Texas Coastline from Beaumont to the Rio Grande Valley. Visit South Padre Island, a resort island and conservation area at the tropical tip of Texas. With more than 306 recorded species of birds, the island has become one of the premier birding locations in the Western Hemisphere.

holidays to Texas' Hill Country

The Hill Country is home to ranches sit alongside the hillsides which are decorate with attractive juniper, oak and maple trees.

Holidays to New Mexico - Land of Enchantment

New Mexico’s landscapes are full of legend and mystery. Culture collide and the state is a rich melting pot of Native American, Spanish , Mexican and Angle heritage. Eerie  Aztec ruins Spanish churches and abandoned ghost towns create a magical landscape. This is home to Roswell which was the scene of an alleged UFO landing and this adds to the supernatural aura of this fascinating state.

Holidays to San Antonio and the Alamo

The Paseo del Rio, better known as the River Walk, is fascinating. Beside the meandering San Antonio River, stone pathways connect shops, restaurants, hotels and museums with a blend of historic and modern architecture.  An ambient walk through these historic streets will encounter beautifully preserved 18th century Spanish colonial missions and museums. In the 18th century, the Spanish church established five Catholic missions along the San Antonio River, primarily to extend its dominion northward from Mexico, but also to convert the native population. What remains of the largest concentration of missions in North America provides an interesting look into Texas' history.

The Mission Trail links four of the missions: San José, Concepción, San Juan and Espada with its nearby aqueduct. The fifth is the Alamo itself with its iconic facade and legendary battle stories.
The legendary Davey Crockett met his end at the Alamo. In November 1835, Crockett set out for Texas. He felt he could renew his political career there and become wealthy as a land owner.
At the time, Texas was fighting Mexican troops attacked the fort, the men held them off for nearly two weeks. But on March 6, the Mexican forces over came the Alamo and all defenders were killed.

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