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Fly Drive and multi centre Holidays in Hawaii

No one knows exactly when the Hawaiian Islands were settled or how old the original Polynesian culture really is.  Waves of migrants arriving from Tahiti in the 13th and 14th centuries began the cultural blending which continued after British Captain Cook  happened on Hawaii in 1778.  Settlers began pouring into the islands, bringing western culture to the kingdom which King Kamehameha began working urgently to unite.  The attack on Pearl Harbor and the major role played by the citizens of the Hawaii Territory in World War II changed the way Hawaii was viewed by the mainland, leading to full statehood in 1959. 

Holidays in Maui

 The Hana Highway is a 60 mile stretch of incredibly scenic road that connects the small town of Hana to the rest of Maui. Plane to allows a whole day for this adventure.  The highway winds its way past waterfalls, beaches, bridges and spectacular ocean views.  You can take lunch at Hana before continuing on a more rugged road to Wailua Falls, about seven miles south.  The falls drops 200 feet down a sharp cliff that is surrounded by lush planting.  The falls are only a short walk from the road.  In another mile, you’ll arrive at Ohe’o Gulch, home to the Seven Sacred Pools. Stroll on the paved walkway past the pools, but don’t bother counting.  The number of pools depends on the water levels.  The prettiest pools are closest to the visitors center.  Just beyond the Gulch, you’ll come to the village of Kipahulu and the end of the road.  Be sure to pay a visit to the Charles Lindberg gravesite before heading back.   

A perfect Honeymoon destination and a perfect compliment to a city break to San Francisco or Los Angeles

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