Alaska & Yukon

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Holidays in Alaska & The Yukon

“ The Last Frontier” shimmers with rivers, glaciers and snow-capped mountains which remain untouched. A holiday to Alaska provides wilderness which is raw and rugged which makes for a  harsh wonderland of incredible landscapes.

The skies in Alaska are a kaledoscope of colour in winter due to the fabulous display of the Northern Lights. A holiday in Alaska in summer means you can stroll the streets of Fairbank late at night under the midlight sun.

Holidays in Glacier Bay National Park

A playground for Arctic wildlife and where no fewer than 16 glaciers finish, Glacier Bay was covered in ice. Icebergs glide by and orcas hunt seals lounging on the ice floes. This is a must see on your holiday to Alaska and Hamster cottage travel recommend a small ship cruising holiday to see the highlights.

Land of the Bears

Katmai National Park, Alaska is home to approximately 1000 brown bears and Hamster cottage travel  recommend July as prime season to holiday to see these wonderful creatures. Salmon race upstream  turning the waters pink and bears sit on the banks plucking their prey from the water. This is a wildlife holiday experience of a lifetime.

See the wildlife of Alaska bald eagles, blue and humpbacked whales, gray wolves, grizzly bears, orcas, lynx, moose, and hundreds of other rare and endangered species in their original and undisturbed natural habitats.

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