The Deep South

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Fly Drive Holiday ideas to USA's Deep South

South hospitality and charm are combined with delicious cuisine and an astounding and varied music scene in this area of the USA. Visit antebellum homes that open up to the public and take a horse drawn carriage ride around the sleepy town of Natchez. Memphis is brimming with musical influence from Elviss Graceland to the blues of Beale Street where as Nashville is the home of country music. Take a steamboat trip down the lazy Mississippi passing houses with decorative porches for a taste of The Deep South of old.

Holidays to Nashville

Visit the home of country music and the Grand Ole Oprey where you can hear music most nights. Visitors will also find a city of culture and history, fine dining and pure southern harm.

Holidays to Memphis

Blues and rock and roll lie at the very soul of Memphis. See Sun Records where Jonny Cash and Roy Orbison recorded and of course, Graceland with its huge collection of Elvis memorabillia.



Home of country music and you will find it evident everywhere.But, while music is the lifeblood of Nashville, visitors will also find a city of culture and history, of haute cuisine, of pro sports, outstanding academics, natural beauty and pure Southern charm. Nashville is a place where the past and the future peacefully coexist and build, one on the other, to create a destination that appeals to the interests of every visitor. This city is alive. You can feel its pulse when you walk down its sidewalks. And, fortunately, you can also hear it almost anywhere you go. Visit the Grand Ole Oprey where you can here live music most nights a week.

Holidays to New Orleans

New Orleans was the only place in the New World where slaves were allowed to own drums. VooDoo rituals were openly tolerated, and well attended by the rich as well as the poor, by backs and whites, by the influential and the anonymous. It was in New Orleans that the bright flash of European horns ran into the dark rumble of African drums; it was like lightning meeting thunder. The local cats took that sound and put it together with the music they heard in churches and the music they heard in barrooms, and they blew a new music, a wild, jubilant music. It made people feel free. It made people feel alive! It made people get up and dance. And they danced to the birth of American music. And nobody played it like they played it in New Orleans, a city already used to feeling jubilant, and expressing its jubilation. A city where you could dance down the middle of the street, in the middle of the daytime, in the middle of the week, and instead of people wondering why you werent at work, theyd be wondering how they could join you. The glory of New Orleans is that its still that way today.

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