Polar bears of Churchill

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NHA fully recognize that most people who travel to Churchill to witness the magic of the polar bear migration do so only one time in their lives. For that reason, not only do they guarantee the sighting of bears, they also ensure that r guests enjoy the most positive and highest quality adventure possible!

 The Polar Rovers

The original tundra truck used to view bears was invented 30 years ago. It was a concept that has now been improved upon. In Manitoba – a world-renowned specialty vehicle architect and designer – has created a new type of superior vehicle – The Polar Rover – driven by a new and unique drive train that carefully and safely allows us to patrol the tundra with veritably no chance of breakdowns. Additionally, the elite suspension system, created specifically for vehicles, has improved passenger comfort and ensured the most pleasant polar experience for  guests. All vehicles have flush toilet facilities (not drop buckets which tend to smell) and offer plenty of heat for comfort. But the vehicles go way beyond comfort: they are truly remarkable machines, consistently giving our guests the closest of polar bear encounters. Built into the rear viewing platforms are innovative corrugated steel mesh floors so you can view curious bears that may walk beneath our platforms – remarkably this allows you to be safely within just inches of the bears! Additionally, inside  vehicles, guests can view and photograph bears through  sliding windows, which we open and close in accordance with the action. Perhaps one of the most important factors in running a successful polar bear watching adventure (maybe next to the quality of the leader) is the space available in the buggies. This is why they limit groups to approximately 12 to 15 guests even though vehicles can hold 30-50 passengers. 


The Smallest Groups Makes the Best Adventure 

At Natural Habitat Adventures, the “Nature People”, constantly focusing on what they can do to enhance  guests’ nature travel experiences. One of the most fundamental elements of a great nature expedition is having extremely small groups – it may cost a little more but in the end we know it’s well worth it! This is why they limit our groups to approximately 15 guests, even though our vehicles can hold 30-50 passengers! 

The Expedition Leaders Are Extraordinary!

To us, there is no question that one of the most important aspects of any adventure is the quality of its leaders. In our effort to offer the best nature vacations, we provide the very best Expedition Leaders... it’s that simple. Our Expedition Leaders travel throughout the world leading small groups of guests on specialized nature journeys, and, though many have one or more Master’s degrees or Ph.D.s, they are chosen for their good nature as well as their good grades. Each year, we fly our leaders from around the world to an exotic locale for annual training (most recently it was held in the canyons of Moab, Utah) to share ideas and skills that simply cannot be learned in school. In Churchill, Expedition Leaders and staff have an average of six years guiding polar bear trips and many more years guiding bear and Arctic expeditions! This experience truly is unmatched in the industry.

Polar Bears of Churchill
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Selected by World Wildlife Fund!
Because of a reputation for running the finest nature expeditions on the planet, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has selected Natural Habitat Adventures as their exclusive conservation travel provider. Working annually in connection with WWF scientists to ensure that Expedition Leaders are provided with the most current information on natural history and conservation. Further, gaining access to many areas and scientists around the globe via the long-standing relationship.