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Australias sunshine state bousts endless sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and natures crown jewel - the Great Barrier Reef. A paradise for water sports lover, the sun drenched beaches provide a haven for water sport lovers , the sun drenched beaches provide a haven for surfers.

Sunshine Coast


“Brissie’s “ laid back lifestyle is bathed in 300 days of sunshine a year. The city sits right in the middle of Queensland and is surrounded by some of the country’s largest reef system on earth stretches an impressive 1616 miles. An underwater haven for an amazing diversity of marine life it truly deserves to be one of the wonders of the world. This fragile life support system shelters an abundance of marine treasures such as rays, sharks, fish and sea turtles. Many people’s notion of paradise this can accurately be described as heaven on earth.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef structure in the world and stretches over by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this area is large than Great Britain and harbours 400 types of fish and turtles, and surrounding it are numerous exotic islands.The coloured coral expanses just below the surface of the warm, tropical waters are home to a magnificent array of sea life.

 Fraser Island

World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is not only the world’s largest sand island, but home to the largest diversity of coloured sand dunes, stall clear creeks, vast inland freshwater lakes and wildlife (including dingos, possums, wallabies, gliders, dolphins, whales and sharks). Four-wheel drive along a sandy highway (the beach) stretching for 75 miles and discover the Champagne Pools, Indian Head (the perfect viewing spot for tiger sharks, dolphins and whales), the coloured sand cliffs of The Cathedrals, the Maheno Wreck and Eli Creek where you can float along a crystal clear creek and drift with the fresh flowing waters. Head inland and explore ancient rainforests and the crystal clear waters of over 40 inland lakes, including Lake McKenzie with its pure white silica sands. 

Moreton Island

Originally a penal colony and now a national park this provides a habitat for sea turtles arrive to lay their eggs from Nov – Feb. Dolphin feeding takes place every evening.



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